Flotchart Attractive JavaScript plotting for jQuery & Bootstrap

Flot is a pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery, with a focus on simple usage, attractive looks and interactive features.

For more info please check out the official documentation

Basic Chart
Axis Labels Plugin see documentation...
Tracking Curves
Dynamic Chart
Stack Chart Controls
Interactive Chart
Bar Chart
Pie Chart 1
Pie Chart 2
Pie Chart 3
Pie Chart 4

Slightly more transparent label backgrounds and adjusted the radius values to place them within the pie.

Pie Chart 5

Semi-transparent, black-colored label background.

Pie Chart 6

Semi-transparent, black-colored label background placed at pie edge.

Pie Chart 7

Added a semi-transparent background to the labels and a custom labelFormatter function.

Pie Chart 8

Labels can be hidden if the slice is less than a given percentage of the pie (10% in this case).

Pie Chart 9

The radius can also be set to a specific size (even larger than the container itself).

Pie Chart 10

The pie can be tilted at an angle.

Pie Chart 11

A donut hole can be added.

Pie Chart 12

The pie can be made interactive with hover and click events.


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Bob Nilson 20:15 When could you send me the report ?
Ella Wong 20:15 Its almost done. I will be sending it shortly
Bob Nilson 20:15 Alright. Thanks! :)
Ella Wong 20:16 You are most welcome. Sorry for the delay.
Bob Nilson 20:17 No probs. Just take your time :)
Ella Wong 20:40 Alright. I just emailed it to you.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Great! Thanks. Will check it right away.
Ella Wong 20:40 Please let me know if you have any comment.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Sure. I will check and buzz you if anything needs to be corrected.



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